1Win Promocode During Registration (200%)

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We give to players a promotional code (Promocode) for registration on the 1win website. By filling out the questionnaire, you will enter the main information about yourself. But what kind of 1win promotional code you should enter in an empty field?

1win Promocode100%
1win Promocode

So, you can choose one of these promocodes:

  • superwin
  • lucky200
  • 200bonus

Will Bonus came immediately after registration for the first deposit? Of course, 200% – in the best traditions of online bets. The maximum amount of the promocode is limited to 50,000 USD. This is a high bonus for a young bookmaker. Playing it also makes new players happy with their simplicity and loyalty: we bet on events with odds above 2 from the main account. Each time, 25% of the won amount goes from the bonus account to the main account.

Consider an example of a bonus game (with a promotional code):

  1. On the main account: 20.000р and get on Bonus: account 20,000р.
  2. The player bets 20.000r with a 2 odds to win the hockey team.
  3. The winning rate – and that’s what we get: 20.000r x 2 = 40.000r + 4500r (25% of the winnings from the bonus account) = 44500r.
  4. Total. The main account was = 22500. The bonus account was = 15500.

Do you have any questions about bonuses or 1win promotional codes? Write in the comments – we will answer during the day.

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