What Promo Code in SATURN bet during registration?

When registering in the bookmaker Saturn Bet you can enter the promo code provided by the partner of Saturn: START. The code can only be entered during registration, it is impossible to return to this stage if the account is already open.

So, the current promo code for 2019:

Promo Code Saturn Bet200% BONUS
Promo Code Saturn Bet

Saturn Bet will increase the amount of the first deposit by 30 percent for the current promo code to all new players. The benefit is obvious!

What bonuses promo code Saturn bet gives?

Saturn Bet bonus conditions are quite simple and profitable. You will receive a bonus on the first deposit of 200% if take promo code during registration.

For example, the first deposit of the bookmaker’s office will be made in the amount of 5,000 rubles [Saturn Bet bet code you entered].

  • With such a deposit, the sum of 10.000 rubles [200%] will go to the bonus account,
  • We have 5,000 rubles in the account, and 10,000 on the bonus balance.
  • We make singles with coefficients from 3 and up.
  • During the victory of such bets – 5% of the winnings will bet on the main account from the bonus balance.

Example: You make a bet for 500 rubles with a factor of 3 [500 * 3 = 1500]. You receive an additional 5% of 1500. In total, a total of 1,575 rubles will fall to the account.

On winning back on the bonus is given only two weeks, you must have time! Although we note that the conditions for the new office are very loyal, players often take out part of the Saturn Beth bonus to their wallets.

promo code saturn bet
promo code saturn bet


There are also details that are important for playing on the bonus on the promo code Saturn. Firstly, after 14 days the promotion account is canceled, but the amount that will be won by this time is yours.

Return rates are not taken into account, as well as with lower odds.

The bookmaker Saturn Bet is a new platform on the CIS market with software very similar to 1win. But this is only a visual component, legally and practically – these are two different BCs.

What Promo Code in SATURN bet during registration?
What Promo Code in SATURN bet during registration?

About Saturn Bet

Began their work in the spring of 2018. Outwardly and in terms of functionality in general, it looks like a well-known 1WIN BC. In addition to accepting bets on the site, there is a casino and opening of cases.

For communication with customers only live chat. Neither e-mail nor other types of contacts (including addresses) are indicated on the site. Depending on the time of day, you can wait a long time for an answer. And uncomfortable questions may not be answered at all.

For payment use the payment system Free Casa. To connect it from the site owners are not required to provide any documents. What actually is used by many fraudulent projects. So take our Promo Code in SATURN bet and get great bonus!

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